Apex Legends update is out!

Apex Legends update is out!

Today, the Apex Legends 1.1 update has been released. Fixed a lot of problems with the update, some improvements and new features added. But there is a point to consider. If you have installed the Apex Legends 1.1 update, it is best anekdot to make in-game purchases until the firm publishes a new patch. Because, due to a problem with the update , some accounts can be reset.

As for the patch notes, a feature called son Endpoint Zira came to the game. Thanks to this feature you can play again with your teammates in the last game. This is a very useful feature!

Features that come with patches:

Improvements for squashing scammers Option to mute for login screen and intro part Cheat option is active when you want to report a user on PC Informative messages added Turrets improved Stability improvements made Numerous minor bug fixes

The game’s 1.1 update is now live and you need to install the Over the Origin update before you start playing. Given the current challenges, it might be a reasonable choice to wait a bit.

What do you think? Are you playing the game? Are you satisfied? Did you install the update? Please specify in the comments.

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