Apple's new MacBook keyboard patent was leaked!

Apple’s new MacBook keyboard patent was leaked!

In the reduced mechanism of Apple’s previous keyboards, dirt and remnants were causing more comfortable failures. .

Apple can provide a unique solution in the laptop world by adding a new texture to its keyboard to avoid such dirt and residues .

The new tescil documented by United States Tescil and Trademark Office contains a switchable glass oturum .

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, on a device when introducing the first iPhone fixed or physical the keyboard It attracted attention. Computer manufacturers also began to see this situation in parallel with PCs. And companies like Lenovo highlighted the dual-screen computer concepts that introduced the virtual keyboard .

The new tescil shows the Haptic Engine system , which can be replaced by a glass piece and a touch-sensing layer underneath.

Tescil drawings, first It shows that offers the ability to change the glass layer , potentially allowing the lower half of the chassis to accommodate a touchscreen that could become tactile when the user uses a keyboard.

Haptic Engine engine also reduced physical feedback from the touch surface when the keys were pressed, and using a keyboard

No detail has been given about Apple’s tescil. There is no clear information about when to use it.

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