What about PES 2020? Here are all known!

With PES 2019 Konami, who has made significant innovations, had a dramatic drop in sales numbers when the Champions League license lost its arch-rival FIFA . Along with this development, PES, which is far behind its arch rival FIFA , is expected to make significant changes this year. Well, Konami, who lost the Champions League license to his opponent, will face with what kind of changes this year. Here’s the answer!

Goodbye Fox Engine! Hello Unreal Engine!

The Fox Engine developed by Kojima Productions will be the last time PES >s game engine. The Fox Engine, which was used for the first time with Metal Gear Solid V , created one of the building blocks of past games . We can say that the Fox Engine ‘ is quite inadequate against Frostbite supported FIFA 19 .

Konami, which is in preparation for a completely different game engine this year, PES 2020 is preparing to explode the bomb.

With a new game engine, Konami wants to mark this debate, and wants to mark 2019.

According to the latest reports, PES 2020 with Konami’s Fox Engine is also claimed to pass to Unreal Engine . Based on the information obtained from sources close to the company, it is foreseen that a more realistic and impressive atmosphere can be created with the help of this artificial intelligence.

PES 2020 >

Remember, last year, Konami had anekdot developed PES 2019 for the Nintendo Switch platform. Naturally, his rival gave FIFA a big advantage.

In line with the published reports, Konami moved to the Unreal Engine this year, which is important for both console and mobile platforms.

Adam Bhatti from Konami, speaking with Eurogamer, heralded a special PES game for the Nintendo Switch this year.

Adam Bhatti also noted that they are preparing a game that will bring a lot of sound this year.

The new pairing system from top to bottom and servers!

Following the exciting explanations of Adam Bhatti , this year we will be back with the new PES game for the pending changes.

The biggest problem of the latest PES games as you know Of course, the servers.

This year, Konami is aiming to be completely renewed with its new game engine and advanced servers.

PES 2020 price


PES 2020 price 60-80 Euro that will have a price understanding similar to PES 2019 this year expected to be between. However, if Konami wants to reach successful sales figures again, it should also review this price strategy.

When will the PES 2020 be released?

Quite expected PES 2020 output date has yet to be given an official statement. However, when we review the release dates for the last PES games, we estimate that PES 2020 will appear in the first week of August to September.

If there is no setback, PES 2020

– PES 2016 – September 17, 2015

– PES 2017 – September 13, 2016

– PES 2018 – September 14, 2017

– PES 2019 – 28 August 2018

is the PES will in 2020 Turkey League?

in the past year, licensed Situated Turkey League , will meet at akıl in the new game.

Among our predictions, we think that the new stadiums belonging to Turkish teams will be added to the game.

So what do you think about new PES game ? How do you think Konami will come up with a game this year? You can immediately transfer your thoughts from the comment section below.


The worst games of 2018! – VIDEO

Even though amazingly good games have been released in 2018, one of the worst games has met akıl. While some of these games are great producers , some appear as Kickstarter projects, the common destiny has never changed. They are all bad and unsuccessful productions.

We’ve based our world-wide average user and review points without adding too much personal ideas when identifying the worst games. Good cruises!


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Discord Verified Server Feature

Discord, one of the best online instant group interview programs in recent years, is gaining new talents every day. A more çağdaş interface compared to its competitors like TeamSpeak, and Discord, which stands out for both easier and broader capabilities, will bring the verified server feature to this time.

Verified server that will work with the logic of verified account feature in social networks The feature will be available only to game makers. Game companies will be able to verify the Discord servers they install for their games. Players will be able to easily understand which server is the real Discord account for the game.

Which games are currently using this feature?

The newly added validated account feature in Discord makes Discord popular PUBG is used by Minecraft and Offworld. It is estimated that this feature will become more widespread in the following days.

PUBG Mobile alert from Turkish Armed Forces!

As you know through the PUBG Mobile , which is one of the most popular games of recent times, you can communicate with other people in the game both in written and audible. The Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri, warned the troops about this situation.

According to Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri ‘ terrorists, PUBG Mobile It was revealed that he was trying to obtain intelligence from the soldiers.

It is also emphasized that, according to the transmitted information, terrorists can also add soldiers as friends on PUBG . As such, the TAF warned the troops to be more careful in in-game communication.

As you know, in the Turkish Turkish Armed Forces the troops should use a smartphone to prevent any intelligence leakage. completely forbidden. Instead, Mehmetçik can use the phones with simple features at certain times and conditions in the barracks.

Only the AskerCell lines can be included in the phones. A total of hoşlanan numbers can be stored on the AskerCell line.

Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 4 appeared on the horizon!

A curious claim was made today about the highly anticipated Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 4. Allegedly Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 4 can be introduced this year at E3 2019!

What do you think about this situation? You can transfer your thoughts from this comment in the comments below.

The most powerful female characters

Gallery / Game

The most powerful female characters we’ve encountered in games

What is your favorite? The most powerful female characters we have encountered in games

Although we can see that video games often show male characters extremely strong and hard, we see that the female characters are as powerful as they are. Since the very beginning, the video game industry, which has anekdot been involved in making gender discrimination, does anekdot distinguish the importance of female characters to the story. Finally, Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Freya in God of War . we have already seen. In terms of the female characters in the games that took place last year, Sadie and Freya , whose characteristics were best crafted, had a significant impact on the story. In addition to these two games, we were able to choose Kassandra as the main character in the last Assassin’s Creed.

The most powerful female characters in the games

We have left the mark on the world of video games based on such characters. We wanted to sort out the female characters.

Also, as the Merlin’s Cauldron team, we congratulate all women on International Women’s Day! 2 The strongest female characters we've encountered in games

Faith Connors / Mirror’s Edge

6 The most powerful female characters we've encountered in games

Alyx Vance / Half-Life 2

10 The most powerful female characters we've encountered in games

Aloy / Horizon Zero Dawn

12 We encountered in games most powerful female characters

Freya / God of War

14 The most powerful female characters we encountered in games

Bayonetta ​​h2> 16 The most powerful female characters we've encountered in games

Ellie / The Last of Akıl

Y Sentences 26 MK Okuru MK Okuru 11.03.2019 13:23 Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 11.03 .2019 03:13 Faith, Ellie, Lara Croft, Jill and Alyx are very different from each other, even if they have characters from each other. Reply Character: 300 Submit MK OkuruReply Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 09.03.2019 16:38 Darksıders 3 … FURY where .. : Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 09.03.2019 13:33 elana fisher is missing nathan hasn’t liked it Reply Kalan Karak ter: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 09.03.2019 12:29 Ellie.

Claim your bombs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda!

Producer of Hellpoint , which will be released in 2019, Marc-Andre Jutras, Xbox Anacoda and PlayStation 5 8 to 12 GB with a RAM capacity.

strong> Jutras, that both models will come with a 8 GB RAM graphics card, and that these consoles will come from a processor that is equal to Ryzen 2600 or

Marc-Andre Jutras , who came to the forefront with his accurate predictions, would have a $ 500 price tag on both devices.

All about PlayStation 5!

Launch of PlayStation 4 h After approximately beğenen years, Sony will launch its new console, which comes to the fore with its technical features in March or November of 2020.

As you know, Sony, will make the PC players jealous with the technical features of the next-generation gaming console.

In the light of price leaks, the PS5 will have a price tag of $ 500 and will be attracting the attention of players in all aspects.

In the light of the information obtained from close sources, PlayStation 5 will be introduced in 2020 , with 4K resolution PS VR / strong> and 240fps

Based on information previously reported by Sony RuthenicCookie , Sony has been known for its accurate leaks to game consoles. TFLOPS is expected to come to the forefront.

Based on information from sources close to Sony, the game console is higher than 10 TFLOPS it will have a value. Considering that Xbox Scorpio is 6 TFLOPS , PS4 Pro is 4.2 TFLOPS , it’s really a serious difference.

All that’s known about Xbox Anaconda!

As you may remember, the new generation console’s code name was created with the leak last week.

According to the shared data, a for the next generation, the name of the reptile is going to be released from Microsoft, and this time it has been confirmed that it will appear in the Anaconda code name.

Thus, the technology giant, which plans to increase the speed of the operation, aims to leave its rival Sony together with the next generation console. As with 4K 240 fps , the next-generation Xbox ‘ will also support backward games.


What are the occupations of the game characters?

Gallery / Game 1 What are the occupations of game characters actually?

Thomas Angelo – Taxi driver Mafia

3 What are the occupations of game characters actually?

Alan Wake – Author

5 What are the occupations of game characters actually?

Joel – Carpenter The Last of Akıl

7 What are the occupations of game characters?

Gordon Freeman – Half Life

9 #Video games #player #match #character #playstation 4 #xbox one #pc #switch Comments 16 MK Okuru MK Okuru 06.04.2019 15:02 Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 27.07.2018 21:26 Niko It would be more accurate if you had asked the soldier to answer MK OkuruIt is a profession that is illegal in all countries of the world, even if it is anekdot affiliated with SGK. : Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 30.07.2018 14:42 freeman s profession and the name of the game are reversed as if his profession has been halflife Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit gorunmezgoril gorunmezgoril 29.07.2018 16:00″ native of Turkey’s largest gaming portal, quality and objective news ” Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit RealPlumber 1285588 “> 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 28.07.2018 17:46: Remaining Characters: 300 Submit View All Reviews.

Multi player support for Skyrim is coming!

Although Skyrim is a 7 years old RPG game, it is still among the most played games. If it’s exciting how to take on challenging adventures alone, it will be even more exciting to do this with your friends. Adding multi-player support to single-player games is anekdot very easy as you might have guessed. Many new tuning and edits should also be done for this.

The game is still open beta ​​strong> week . As we mentioned, each game will be limited to eight people. Since Skyrim never aims to be an MMO , this decision doesn’t seem surprising. Most custom modes will also have multi-player support. However, we do anekdot know at the moment how many compatible and successful modes are available to adapt some modes. Current servers are now available in Europe . The main team can make some additions based on the number of players. You can immediately browse below the published video.

Characters in Red Dead Redemption 2

Gallery / Game 1 Characters in Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur Morgan

3 Characters in Red Dead Redemption 2

Sadie Adler

5 Red Dead Redemption 2 '

Abigail Marston

7 Characters in Red Dead Redemption 2

Hosea Matthews

11 Characters in Red Dead Redemption 2 Send MK Okuru MK Okuru 25.08.2018 23: 28 I only want this masterpiece masterpiece with Turkish subtitles To yn.It’s like there’s no more games in the world. You’re always in the same game. Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru 300 Submit Omer24I’ve been to San Andreas even more. The characters of RDR 2 must have stories like the characters in the Gta series. The story of the game is already the main character, which by the way I’ll bet it will be the legend anyway. Remaining Character: 300 Submit View All Comments.