The world’s favorite kittens

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Felicia Darkstalkers

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Ratchet Ratchet and Clank

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Leo Red Earth

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Cait Sith Final Fantasy Series

9 The most loved kittens of the game world MK Okuru 06.04.2019 15:02 Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 28.07.2018 12:33 Pokémon meow Neredeeeeee Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 24.07.2018 20:38 Your original cat but from them ?? Reply Remaining Character: 300 Submit

What enemies will be in Spider Man game that is special to PS4?

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Mr. Negative

# Spider-Man # ps4 # comics #family #insomniac games Comments 7 MK Okuru MK Okuru 06.04.2019 15:02 Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK OkuruThey probably bring a dlc or a new spider-man game. Intention spider-man output everyone HYPE then the time came to Venom to calm all over again when everyone is still HYPE Remaining Character: 300 Submit MK Okuru MK Okuru 30.07.2018 17:41 venom has lost the game finished also carnage also Reply MK Okuru MK Okuru 31.07.2018 10:57 So what’s that? MK Okuru MK Okuru 31.07.2018 08:39 Age how many ?? Remaining Character: 300 Submit RectoniC

Ruin of the rolüjon!

It is claimed that millions of Call of Duty fans are expected to be officially announced in E3 2019, which is anekdot yet announced but will be announced Çağdaş Warfare 4 this summer. If you remember, it has been suggested that Ghost 2 ula will be released to the market, along with the claims put forward in the past months.

Even, Infinity Ward it was also thought to point to Ghost 2 2 with a dry-headed share on the Ashton Williams Twitter account community manager.

he also made a strong statement that Ashton Williams Twitter did anekdot relate to this issue.

pic.twitter. com / zsImJQULPt

– Ashton Williams @ashtonisVULCAN January 2, 2019

Apple’s new MacBook keyboard patent was leaked!

In the reduced mechanism of Apple’s previous keyboards, dirt and remnants were causing more comfortable failures. .

Apple can provide a unique solution in the laptop world by adding a new texture to its keyboard to avoid such dirt and residues .

The new tescil documented by United States Tescil and Trademark Office contains a switchable glass oturum .

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, on a device when introducing the first iPhone fixed or physical the keyboard It attracted attention. Computer manufacturers also began to see this situation in parallel with PCs. And companies like Lenovo highlighted the dual-screen computer concepts that introduced the virtual keyboard .

The new tescil shows the Haptic Engine system , which can be replaced by a glass piece and a touch-sensing layer underneath.

Tescil drawings, first It shows that offers the ability to change the glass layer , potentially allowing the lower half of the chassis to accommodate a touchscreen that could become tactile when the user uses a keyboard.

Haptic Engine engine also reduced physical feedback from the touch surface when the keys were pressed, and using a keyboard

No detail has been given about Apple’s tescil. There is no clear information about when to use it.

Top 5 mobile games with graphics near to PC!

As a ShiftDelete.Net team, we’re bringing together 5 successful iOS apps for you every week. This week, creates the best chart games for iOS

Payday Crime War

which will perform on our list of best graphic games for iOS in the coming days. Let’s start with Payday Crime War .

Payday The producers, who will move their adventure to mobile devices, come up with a game that will impress them with both graphics and impressive atmosphere.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

GIST19’s Legendary Sponsor is in Hepsiburada!

Hepsibasada announced that it will distribute awards to the winners by playing Forza on Xbox, and PUBG on their Xbox for four days at the fair. In addition, in the events and competitions held during the expo period, 1,000 $ 50 vouchers and 8 valid in the category of 500 TL purchases. 100 TL gift vouchers.

Gaming Istanbul special discounts

Gaming Istanbul ‘ a special discounts will be valid during the fair period. Player seat , monitor , laptop and desktop game computers, headset , < The powerful headphone amplifier and many games will be available for a discount. These discounts and campaigns will continue until February 3rd .

From here to You can contact akıl.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered verified!

CoD MW2 Remastered that first appeared in the Amazon Italy database in March 2018 is now listed by the renowned classification organization PEGI . /

As of February 28, we see that the story mode of Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 2 Remastered , which we have listed on PEGI , has only been redesigned.

< Currently, the Multiplayer part of the game will anekdot be included in the remastered v ionsion. However, considering the remastered version of CoD MW1 firma , we also expect that the multiplayer mode will be added to the remastered version.

Other information will also be presented to players along with the Call of Duty game , which will be introduced in E3 2019 of the remastered version. >

PUBG Mobile alert from Turkish Armed Forces!

Turkish Armed Forces played an important warning for PUBG Mobile, played by millions of players. Here are the details!

What do you think about the new Call of Duty game ? You can transfer your thoughts from this comment in the comments below.

Sony ends PS Vita support completely

PS Vita, introduced and sold by Sony in 2011, could anekdot achieve the desired success. Sony, which ended the sale of boxed games in 2015, has completed PS Vita support as of today.

Having released two different versions, Sony could anekdot provide the success it had achieved with PSP, Vita . The rapid expansion of tablets and smartphones, especially in hardware even more powerful than Vita, was a major problem for Vita ​​strong>.

Smartphones can be used both as a daily device and We could say that it was easy to play when requested, eliminating all the charm of Vita.

Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 2 Remastered verified!

Remastered Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 2, which has been on the agenda for a while, was listed by PEGI, the famous classification installation. Stay tight, the CoD MW2 adventure is coming back!

Even though some important games for Vita were prepared and put on sale, these games couldn’t make people go to Vita.

For some users, the lack of games due to hardware restriction, and for some users, the considerable number of interesting and important games available to the console is the reason for failure for Vita. As of today, Sony has removed all support for Vita ​​strong>.

Claim your bomb for the new Xbox! It can come in a few months!

The new console, which has recently been released with the code name ad Maverick , ‘may soon be called Xbox One S All-Digital Edition . Allegedly, the console’s pre-order will begin in the middle of April . However, public sales are expected to start at the beginning of the May month. It also states that Microsoft is working on a special ‘ Fortnite ‘ version for the next-generation console.

Leaks from the next-generation game console any disk states that the driver will anekdot be available. At this point, we might consider some users satisfied too. Second hand seems to be a reality that can prevent the game exchange. About the console’s specifications, there are almost no information .

The new generation console is currently available from the Xbox One S model As a better model, this model may also be a non- version of the disc drive. If the incoming date information is correct, the Microsoft side will make an official statement in the next few week .

Award-winning Gillette Fortnite Tournament (Video)

As in the world, Turkey also supports e-sports is becoming day more popular than a day Gillette, creating new opportunities for young people in this area on behalf of 6 weeks Gillette held Fortniv the tournament.

Jahra’s , Cimri Panda, Ferit Karakaya wtcN, Vicrains, EasterGamerTV, ThaldrinLol, Batu Bozkan Video, Self-Musician, Grimnax and Zeusidious star players such as the tournament we followed. Gillette Fortnite Tournament !

Who won the Gillette Fortnite Tournament?

Ferit Karakaya who reached the championship at the end of the 6-week adventure in total WtcN was the team. The team of Ferit Karakaya , who received a 15 thousand TL award in total, followed the team with the Musicians team. In his second year in office, The Musician, Gillette’s Musician, won a total of TL 7500 in the tournament he organized.

Other than that, he was awarded a total of € 3500 . The winner Zeusidiouss was the third on the tournament. You can also view the overall ranking of the tournament right below.

Overall Ranking of the Tournament:

– Team WTCN – $ 15,000

– Team Self Musician – $ 7,500

– Team Zeusidiouss – $ 3,500

– Team Easter GamersTV – $ 2,000

– Team PintiPanda – $ 1,500

– Team Thaldrin – $ 1,500

– Team Jahrein – 1000 TL

– Team Video – $ 1000

– Team Grimnax – $ 1000

– Team Vicrains – $ 1000