Free content for Devil May Cry 5!

Free content for Devil May Cry 5!

Capcom published Devil May Cry 5 at the end of the second month of this year and received highly positive notes from critics. The game had a very successful sales figure, according to Capcom.

The company has already decided to enrich the content of the game, which is already quite rich, and will be able to published. Such moves are well received in the world of gameplay, and Capcom

is aware of it.

Your mission in the Devil May Cry 5 version of the Bloody Palace mod climbing to a hundred-story tower with Nero, V, or Dante .

Of course what we’re talking about isn’t as easy as that. As the game progresses, you are literally encountering enemy armies. In this mode, the game style of the Devil May Cry 5 protects itself and you are expected to be quite fast when you play. To earn Extra time , you’ll also need to complete DMC 5 custom combinations . The DLC gets very positive feedback from users.

What do you think? Did you play the game? Are you satisfied with the free DLC ? Please specify in the comments.

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