Important development for Borderlands 3!

Good news for Borderlands 3 came at the end!

Borderlands 3, September 13, 2019 will also be available to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC users. Gearbox, The Division 2, Metro Exodus, Control and Quantic Dream will do the game, and the game on the PC platform will only be sold on the Epic Store. However, according to the statement issued by the distributor firm 2K, the game can be downloaded from other platforms as of April 2020 .

The game will come with many new features. In the game where you’ll have a large number of weapons options, the RPG items will be intense . 4 new main characters in the game, the old character can be played. The game will allow you to play co-op with four new characters, allowing you to navigate outside the main planet Pandora.

Gearbox explains the game: şahsiyet The original shooter-spoiler system is back, there are thousands of weapons, and there will be a journey full of adventurous quests. You will feel yourself special in the game, each of which has deep and characterful skill trees, abilities and personalizations. If you want to destroy crazy enemies, plunder loot and fight with one of the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy of your home, be sure to play this adventure as solo or co-op .

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