Heisshale's new expansion package Rise of Shadows announced

Heisshale’s new expansion package Rise of Shadows announced

The new expansion package of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft , which is one of Blizzard’s most played productions, has been announced Rise of Shadows . As with the expansion pack, the 135 card will always be added to the game. New dynamics will also be added to the game’s text with this package.

Hearthstone’s new expansion package Rise of Shadows announced

Blizzard announced earlier that in their packages announced that they would do a different story. According to this announcement, the story contents would spread throughout the year. The Rise of Shadows package will contain the first leg of this story. Blizzard’s description and expansion package details are as follows:

From April 9 gamers, the new add-on pack Rise of Shadows will be part of a story plot that will last for the first time in the year with decks of 135 new cards.

Head defeated in front of League of Explorers Rafaam’s insidious plans on Azeroth have become too ambivalent to be carried out alone. Over the years after his defeat, the Chiefs of War, who have been waiting for the right time to wait for the shadows, are able to take on the most notorious enemies Hearthstone has ever seen, leading to League of E.V.I.L. set up your team. King Togwaggle, Madam Lazul, Boom and Witch Hagatha, a team of bad guys like each other, will take action to realize their low plans, and Hearthstone, who likes to hit the waist down, will offer his sly alternatives to their players.

and it’s really exciting to see Rise of Shadows turning in the direction of these characters, eklenti says Blizzard Entertainment’s head, J. Allen Brack. dingil We can’t wait for the fans to try out the evil cards that come with our new plug-in package, ve he says.

It is good to be on the alert for players who use their cards to play the League of EVIL because they can find the mysterious group known as Defenders of Dalaran. Dedicated to the fight against evil, this group has magic spells called Twinspells. According to the rumor, these spells replicate themselves immediately after they are made, and they can be reused in a future turn during the game. We’re a liar of those who see. We will continue to share with you as more detailed information about the mysterious group Defenders of Dalaran will appear.

Rise on Windows, iOS, Android ™ tablets and phones on April 9, as well as Windows®, Mac® and PCs You’ll be able to buy the Shadows card packs in Hearthstone’s Arena mode, as well as in-game gold or real money. The price of these packages will be the same as the other packages in the game.

Two pre-sale Rise of Shadows card packages are waiting for you. The 50-card pre-sale package includes a random Legendary card and the Jewel of Lazul card back. In the 80-card Mega Bundle, you will have a random gold Legendary card and the Jewel of Lazul card back, as well as the mysterious Madam Lazul, a brand-new Priest hero.

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