PlayStation will make a refund!

PlayStation will make a refund!

Pre-orders will be 14 days from the date of purchase to receive your refund. But there is another rule. You must be anekdot downloaded and played content. This includes beta version. If you get your money back, Sony will hisse you back with your payment method.

PS Plus is giving super games in April!

The highly anticipated PS Plus games were announced at the end of April 2019. As in every month, you can have great games for free in this month.

DLC things are a little more complicated. First of all, you should anekdot have downloaded and played the content. Even if you are entitled to a reimbursement, it will be refunded as a PSN wallet credit, anekdot as a money. You will only be able to use this credit in PlayStation Store . Your PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions will also return as a credit to your wallet.

Sony recommends that you close the auto download mode ecek relevant to the subject. This will anekdot automatically download the game you purchased and will anekdot have any problems when you want to return.

The app is currently available for US PSN users. It’s still unclear when other countries can start utilizing this app.

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