Prince Harry has fought Fortnite!

Prince Harry has fought Fortnite!

Fortnite, a survival game that has millions of players from all ages all over the world, is also known for its activities. In line with the game’s tournaments, high prize pools like 100 million dollars are created annually. Some Turkish Twitch publishers have won awards of only 70-80 thousand TL in a tournament. The prince harshly criticized both Fortnite and social media. The prince, who says the game was created entirely for addiction , argued that this game was harmful to children’s health.

Fortnite was created to make you addicted!

For social media a It’s more addictive than drugs. popüler says Harry, uy This game shouldn’t be allowed Harry for the popular survival game where Epic Games is the creator. Where’s the benefit of being in your house? It was created to make you more capable of keeping you in front of the computer. This is very irresponsible. ‘

Prince said the words just before the Gaming Bafta Awards of the gaming world award ceremony to be held in the UK. In the UK, health workers, government and gaming groups are now discussing whether it is harmful to the gamers.

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