PUBG’s maker rivals Google Stadia!

PUBG’s maker rivals Google Stadia!

Tencent, one of the biggest technology companies in China and has a wide range of products, is working on a stream platform called, Start <. Chinese technology giant, said in a statement about the subject; he said that they are doing an internal market research and that the product that is going to be released is still in the early stage. PS Now rivals the service. The company opened a website for the service called mış Start> and invited some users with China to use this service.

The game industry used to focus only on physical sales; followed by a sales policy focused on sales. Now seems to have addressed the the game stream issues.

Tencent ‘ will come to our country of service, what would happen if the charges into submission in the world and service in Turkey is anekdot yet clear.

What is game stream platform?

Game streaming platform means playing games on the internet with the simplest computer or mobile device without needing any additional hardware. To do this, you use a monthly pays service to companies. The exceptions to this are the services such as PS Now , and these services need hardware for the stream. And the most important feature that these platforms are looking for is stable and fast internet . This, unfortunately, may be a problem in our country.

What do you think? Will the game world change in this direction? Does this service come to our country? Please specify in the comments.

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