Ruin of the rolüjon!

Ruin of the rolüjon!

It is claimed that millions of Call of Duty fans are expected to be officially announced in E3 2019, which is anekdot yet announced but will be announced Çağdaş Warfare 4 this summer. If you remember, it has been suggested that Ghost 2 ula will be released to the market, along with the claims put forward in the past months.

Even, Infinity Ward it was also thought to point to Ghost 2 2 with a dry-headed share on the Ashton Williams Twitter account community manager.

he also made a strong statement that Ashton Williams Twitter did anekdot relate to this issue.

pic.twitter. com / zsImJQULPt

– Ashton Williams @ashtonisVULCAN January 2, 2019

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