Sony ends PS Vita support completely

Sony ends PS Vita support completely

PS Vita, introduced and sold by Sony in 2011, could anekdot achieve the desired success. Sony, which ended the sale of boxed games in 2015, has completed PS Vita support as of today.

Having released two different versions, Sony could anekdot provide the success it had achieved with PSP, Vita . The rapid expansion of tablets and smartphones, especially in hardware even more powerful than Vita, was a major problem for Vita ​​strong>.

Smartphones can be used both as a daily device and We could say that it was easy to play when requested, eliminating all the charm of Vita.

Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 2 Remastered verified!

Remastered Call of Duty Çağdaş Warfare 2, which has been on the agenda for a while, was listed by PEGI, the famous classification installation. Stay tight, the CoD MW2 adventure is coming back!

Even though some important games for Vita were prepared and put on sale, these games couldn’t make people go to Vita.

For some users, the lack of games due to hardware restriction, and for some users, the considerable number of interesting and important games available to the console is the reason for failure for Vita. As of today, Sony has removed all support for Vita ​​strong>.

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