Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo giant investigation!

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo giant investigation!

Also the cancellation and return conditions of the companies will be examined within the scope of the investigation. The PlayStation for Sony, Xbox Live for Microsoft and N. Switch Online for Nintendo are known to be under investigation.

CMA General Manager Andrea Coscelli said about the investigation: /

em Our research will be based on whether the biggest gaming companies are fair to renew contracts and whether people can easily cancel it. If we find that companies are anekdot treating people fairly in the context of consumer protection law, take action completely ready. Strong

High fines may come!

asked for information on the subject. If companies face a negative result, they will be faced with serious fines by CMA stating that they are ready to take action. In line with such a decision to be taken in the UK, competitive institutions may be mobilized in other countries. In 2018, as a result of the findings of the Competition Authority that the Turkish Competition Authority was playing at prices, the firm was given a fine above 2 million TL. The fact that the issue in the UK is a more serious situation also indicates that the punishment may be high.

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