Apex Legends visuals leaked 10 new characters to come

Apex Legends new characters may be in the leaked image. Battle Royale with the different point of view of the players, such as Apex Legends’la soon gathered the admiration of the new characters may have been leaked to the Internet without official explanation. Is it a visual fan construction or a visual design of the characters? The comment is yours. You can browse the published image below.

When will Apex Legends come up with new characters?

Visually leaked 10 new characters to Apex Legends

Within a week 10 Fortnite and Fortnite and Fortnite who reached a million player and then a month after the exit, with 50 million players, and a bombing effect in the game world. A content policy like Rainbow Six Siege will be followed. New characters and content will be added to the game at certain times over a year. Every new character that will be added to Apex Legends will have a new feature. Battle Royale, where the team is at the forefront of the game, infiltrated a visual web of 10 new characters coming to Apex Legends. There have been several leakages from Respawn Entertainment, and leaked visuals have become real in time.

EA gave Ninja $ 1 million to play Apex Legends

Twitch publisher Ninja paid $ 1 million to play Apex Legends . Apex Legends, which was released on February 4, 2019, was immediately announced and open to play. Apex Legends, which was first among the most played games in a short period of time without an advertising campaign, became the “small” incentive of Electronic Arts to be among the most played games.

EA, Apex Legends play Ninja has given $ 1 million to

Reuters news agency based on a source that does anekdot give the name, Apex Legends ‘s after the release of Electronic Arts, famous The publisher Twitch gave Ninja a million dollars to play in the Battle Royale game Apex Legends. The same source, Ninja’s monthly income of about 500 thousand dollars, EA said that this revenue is double the revenue given to the famous publisher.

The EA seems to have paid off its investment. One of the most watched publishers of Twitch, Ninja, started playing Apex Legends, and increased the popularity of the game in a short time. Apex Legends was the most watched game in Twitch last February.

Bioware apologized to the players for Anthem

Bioware apologized to the players for Anthem. With the Fallout 76 of recent years, one of the most problematic exits, Anthem , didn’t let the players face. When the incoming patches too to correct the game, Bioware apologized to the players for what happened.

Is there a performance patch for Anthem?

Mass Effect Bioware it seems to have swung. In addition to problems such as performance in the game and stuck on the standby screen, many players don’t seem to be pleased with Anthem. Even in simple subjects such as armor diversity, gun diversity menu design, Anthem could anekdot meet the demands of the players. Anthem developer Ben Irving of the Bioware team made the following statement by taking full responsibility for my problems at Anthem; “I apologize. All bad player experience is entirely my responsibility.” Bioware has announced that they are working for the next big new patch. Let’s see if the new patch will be able to fix Anthem’s unresolved issues. Anthem February 22, 2019 was released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.