What about PES 2020? Here are all known!

With PES 2019 Konami, who has made significant innovations, had a dramatic drop in sales numbers when the Champions League license lost its arch-rival FIFA . Along with this development, PES, which is far behind its arch rival FIFA , is expected to make significant changes this year. Well, Konami, who lost the Champions League license to his opponent, will face with what kind of changes this year. Here’s the answer!

Goodbye Fox Engine! Hello Unreal Engine!

The Fox Engine developed by Kojima Productions will be the last time PES >s game engine. The Fox Engine, which was used for the first time with Metal Gear Solid V , created one of the building blocks of past games . We can say that the Fox Engine ‘ is quite inadequate against Frostbite supported FIFA 19 .

Konami, which is in preparation for a completely different game engine this year, PES 2020 is preparing to explode the bomb.

With a new game engine, Konami wants to mark this debate, and wants to mark 2019.

According to the latest reports, PES 2020 with Konami’s Fox Engine is also claimed to pass to Unreal Engine . Based on the information obtained from sources close to the company, it is foreseen that a more realistic and impressive atmosphere can be created with the help of this artificial intelligence.

PES 2020 >

Remember, last year, Konami had anekdot developed PES 2019 for the Nintendo Switch platform. Naturally, his rival gave FIFA a big advantage.

In line with the published reports, Konami moved to the Unreal Engine this year, which is important for both console and mobile platforms.

Adam Bhatti from Konami, speaking with Eurogamer, heralded a special PES game for the Nintendo Switch this year.

Adam Bhatti also noted that they are preparing a game that will bring a lot of sound this year.

The new pairing system from top to bottom and servers!

Following the exciting explanations of Adam Bhatti , this year we will be back with the new PES game for the pending changes.

The biggest problem of the latest PES games as you know Of course, the servers.

This year, Konami is aiming to be completely renewed with its new game engine and advanced servers.

PES 2020 price


PES 2020 price 60-80 Euro that will have a price understanding similar to PES 2019 this year expected to be between. However, if Konami wants to reach successful sales figures again, it should also review this price strategy.

When will the PES 2020 be released?

Quite expected PES 2020 output date has yet to be given an official statement. However, when we review the release dates for the last PES games, we estimate that PES 2020 will appear in the first week of August to September.

If there is no setback, PES 2020

– PES 2016 – September 17, 2015

– PES 2017 – September 13, 2016

– PES 2018 – September 14, 2017

– PES 2019 – 28 August 2018

is the PES will in 2020 Turkey League?

in the past year, licensed Situated Turkey League , will meet at akıl in the new game.

Among our predictions, we think that the new stadiums belonging to Turkish teams will be added to the game.

So what do you think about new PES game ? How do you think Konami will come up with a game this year? You can immediately transfer your thoughts from the comment section below.