Claim your bombs for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Anaconda!

Producer of Hellpoint , which will be released in 2019, Marc-Andre Jutras, Xbox Anacoda and PlayStation 5 8 to 12 GB with a RAM capacity.

strong> Jutras, that both models will come with a 8 GB RAM graphics card, and that these consoles will come from a processor that is equal to Ryzen 2600 or

Marc-Andre Jutras , who came to the forefront with his accurate predictions, would have a $ 500 price tag on both devices.

All about PlayStation 5!

Launch of PlayStation 4 h After approximately beğenen years, Sony will launch its new console, which comes to the fore with its technical features in March or November of 2020.

As you know, Sony, will make the PC players jealous with the technical features of the next-generation gaming console.

In the light of price leaks, the PS5 will have a price tag of $ 500 and will be attracting the attention of players in all aspects.

In the light of the information obtained from close sources, PlayStation 5 will be introduced in 2020 , with 4K resolution PS VR / strong> and 240fps

Based on information previously reported by Sony RuthenicCookie , Sony has been known for its accurate leaks to game consoles. TFLOPS is expected to come to the forefront.

Based on information from sources close to Sony, the game console is higher than 10 TFLOPS it will have a value. Considering that Xbox Scorpio is 6 TFLOPS , PS4 Pro is 4.2 TFLOPS , it’s really a serious difference.

All that’s known about Xbox Anaconda!

As you may remember, the new generation console’s code name was created with the leak last week.

According to the shared data, a for the next generation, the name of the reptile is going to be released from Microsoft, and this time it has been confirmed that it will appear in the Anaconda code name.

Thus, the technology giant, which plans to increase the speed of the operation, aims to leave its rival Sony together with the next generation console. As with 4K 240 fps , the next-generation Xbox ‘ will also support backward games.