Multi player support for Skyrim is coming!

Although Skyrim is a 7 years old RPG game, it is still among the most played games. If it’s exciting how to take on challenging adventures alone, it will be even more exciting to do this with your friends. Adding multi-player support to single-player games is anekdot very easy as you might have guessed. Many new tuning and edits should also be done for this.

The game is still open beta ​​strong> week . As we mentioned, each game will be limited to eight people. Since Skyrim never aims to be an MMO , this decision doesn’t seem surprising. Most custom modes will also have multi-player support. However, we do anekdot know at the moment how many compatible and successful modes are available to adapt some modes. Current servers are now available in Europe . The main team can make some additions based on the number of players. You can immediately browse below the published video.