Valve is working on its VR title!

Half Life series, DOTA, CS, Portal and many more creators Valve , a new VR The title works on . A website identified by Ars Technica contains a visual and an introduction date for the company’s new VR header, Valve Index .

According to the information on the site the introduction will be made on May 2019 . According to the images, the device will have at least four wide-angle cameras. This may mean that players will play games in a way that is connected outside with no danger of falling. The same features were also available in the VR header called da Oculus Quest Aynı. Again, the device will have a IPD adjustment slider. Thus, you will be able to make the necessary settings according to the location of your eye. Although this feature is available in almost all VRs, Oculus Rift S did anekdot have this feature.

According to the previously published uploadVR report Since this is working on new device. Again, according to the uploadVR report, the VR title will have a 135 degree wide field of view.

How many VR titles did Sony sell?

How many Sony Play-Term VR titles have been sold by the Japanese-based technology company and the giant of the gaming world? In the last special event, which VR games have been introduced, our details will be announced!

Regardless of the features, the device will be announced in May. As you know, Steam has been collaborating with HTC for a while on VR. When you want to play a game that is appropriate for the VR title from Steam, it’s recommended that you use HTC’s Vive . HTC – Valve will continue or remain unknown after the announcement of the new title of the company.