Teaser video for Google's game console is released!

Teaser video for Google’s game console is released!

The countdown has begun for Google’s home console gaming platform , one of the world’s largest companies. A 37-second teaser video was released for the company’s announcement in the coming days.

Teaser video released for Google’s gaming platform

As you know, Google has been talking for a long time to enter the game market. In fact, there have been reports that a new home console could enter this market in the last period. The statement of the firm against these rumors is quite a short time. Google ‘s GDC 2019 has a special video for the presentation, and we’re seeing games placed in the focus of this video.

We see that images are represented. Apart from the football stadium, cargo plane, arena, cave, fantastic worlds and more futuristic areas are also included. After this video, Google is certain to announce the concrete steps to be taken on the side of the game. Of course, it is likely to be a home console, but the company can announce a streaming platform is among the rumors. All this fog will be opened after the announcement on March 19th.

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