The developer of PUBG has stopped developing PUBG

The developer of PUBG has stopped developing PUBG

One of the most played games of the Battle Royale , PUBG , has increased the number of players with a rapid acceleration since its release. BlueHole , then PUBG Corp. , who developed the game in the developer team Brendan Greene a sudden decision to stop the development of PUBG announced. Greene, who named the game with the PlayerUnknown nickname, explained that the last five years consisted of Battle Royale. Stating that the dream is true within the developer team, Greene pointed out that PUBG has been growing since December 2017.

Shock breakup in the PUBG team

After that, Greene announced that he will anekdot leave PUBG Corp. . The developer, who indicated that he was transferred from Seoul to Amsterdam, has announced that he will establish a new team under the name of PUBG Special Projects. . We will probably see competitive productions that appeal to other types. It is quite clear that the adventure of Battle Royale , starting with H1Z1 , has appealed to millions of players with PUBG. PUBG now has a core core of its own, although the game has lost players against Apex Legends or Fortnite . Thanks to this core mass, the back of the game will no longer come to the ground.

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