The gospel of rebirth to Fortnite players!

The gospel of rebirth to Fortnite players!

This is anekdot a first for the game, which has already seen the features in different games added to its game. Epic Games adds them to the game after they have changed some of the most popular features in competing games.

The reborn system, called the Reborn Truck , is the As in Legends, it will allow you to bring it back at reborn points. In this way, your friends who died in the game will return without weapons or belongings in their hands. Make sure you have something that you can give them before you revive them. Unlike Apex, the system will work in a truck instead of a dot.

If you’re a teammate, you’ll have to wait a while to revive it. Because after the players are born again, the system will shut itself down for a while.

The system in Apex Legends is almost the same!

This system is almost identical to the new but most popular survival game Apex Legends same. When a teammate dies in the game at the so-called Rebirth Station, you know that you can revive it. You can give your own gun or spare weapons to your teammate, who used to have his weapons and items.

This new system, which Epic Games says we’re thinking from February, is expected to be added next week.

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