Turkey has made a raise Xbox game price!

Turkey has made a raise Xbox game price!

In recent months both in Turkey and Xbox Playstation Turkey, They did raise game prices due to dollar exchange rate. Although this decision attracted a great deal of reaction from the players, the dollar was accepted over time due to the fact that the exchange rate was really high levels . But Turkey has updated the Xbox price in a hike decision of the lower and stores by signing an interesting decision today. In the days when games are already hard enough, it seems that things will get even more difficult. $ 212 will be sold. Red Dead Redemption 2 is $ 470, but it is currently available for purchase at $ 566 . The selling price of FIFA 19 is set at $ 564. When we look at the new games, the situation is getting worse. Division 2 is now up to $ 602 with its standard version. When we look at this price, including taxes Turkey sales prices $ 100 then it surpassed. Xbox akıl in the standard version if the price of a game $ 60 band.

Already anekdot see enough interest in Turkey Xbox company is very much like promises discussed in this decision .

What do you think? Are you considering buying games at these prices? Please specify in the comments.

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